Here are some tips for charging problems. If everything works fine in Ubuntu OS, probably only the hard drive is bad. until I hit the windows key on the keyboard to bring up the start menu. Replacing the CCFL is not easy. is that the best thing to do? Before a hard drive fails entirely, it gives us certain signs that we should not ignore. It repeatedly gives me the same incorrect one. First of all, try minimizing the laptop as much as you can. I have dell 1440 laptop(CDrom is not working),due to some mistake, the windows crashed and everytime i power on it, this message appears “Boot Manager is missing, click ctrl+alt+del to exit” ,Is this a hardware problem? If that is not lit or not flickering, there is something wrong either with Hd or the way it is connected. Simply connect it to your system, open My Computer, and right-click the hard drive's icon. It’s hard to tell if this is hardware or software related issue. The DC jack has no loose connections on the board as far as I can see. The other way is removing the hard drive and installing it into an external USB enclosure. MY question is how do I know that is all that is wrong? Most of the times, my laptop doesn’t turn on but when it does it can freeze any time and change to white screen. Hi Using it, you can even create bootable media and perform data recovery on a crashed system as well. my acer laptop’s scrren resolution automatic increase and decrease. In this case, simply remove the external drive and turn off your system. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-1972562-1']); Boot your laptop from a Live Linux CD. I explained this process here. sysdata.xml when i connect the charger, the charging light glows for five seconds and then disappears. not sure if you installed the hard drive in a correct manner. (if possible), Md. Simply turn your system off and remove its power cord or battery. hey i have got problem on my laptop models dell 3421 and i have been using it science 20 months ago.i bought it branded new Here’s what I would do: You’ll have to reinstall OS on the new drive in order to use it. Just to be sure about it, you can access the bios (normally F2 or f10 key while restarting) by hitting the bios key during Power on Self Test. Thanks. I have a fairly old viao laptop that I still like and that still works well… except when it’s turned on and plugged in to charge it crashes the router in the house. After numerous on/off clicks,the computer and screen will come on and work perfectly. IndianStudyHub offers many fully 500 + Basic Computer Hardware Questions and Answers pdf free download questions and answers with explanations. Possible problem: You can try reseating the keyboard cable on the motherboard. Also, connect a Windows CD/DVD or a bootable media to your system. Maybe it’s just disconnected from the motherboard. What happens if you install the cracked screen back into the laptop? when i turn on my laptop, a long beep sounds about 5 to 10 seconds. It doesn't matter what kind of data loss scenario you are facing, you would be able to move past it using Recoverit Data Recovery. If you continue to receive this error, contact the hardware manufacturer. Reinstalled Windows and for some time it worked smoothly then faced same problem again. 1. Remove the hard drive and try turning it on. Problem signature Sometimes, the hard disk can have a bad sector or two. my lenovo laptop wont charge or power on….with oe without battery. it goes about 90-95 degree Celsius in processor, gpu, motherboard, and shuts down without any notice. If the laptop still doesn’t turn on, most likely you have failed motherboard or processor. You can try replacing memory modules. Turn on the laptop and press F12 when logo appears on the screen. Those keys are working perfectly but my keyboard will stop working. when i restarted it. What can I do. It’s gotten worse and worse every time I try to use it, or try to turn it on. at first when i hit the power button it will light and it will turn off before the start up booting finish. Once the process is completed, the application will let you know that the bootable media has been created. If the problem still there and power button lights up by itself, probably this is motherboard failure. I have a Toshiba notebook . Should i replace with the new one and is it worth ? every thing is working correctly but 5 beeps after 2 or 3 seconds continues.Model is DELL VOSTRO 2520. Connect hard drive to another working PC and check out if it spins. The laptop starts properly but after a while the screen light turns off. Is that any big problem? and this just happens randomly. Don’t have idea what suddenly happened, I unplugged it, removed battery then again started but no use. This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing. How to override bios p/word of toshiba satellite 100A laptop. my HP g62 does not display anything on the screen when the power button is pushed….however the fan works! The order process, tax issue and invoicing to end user are conducted by Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of Wondershare group. Laptop: Toshiba Satellite E 305-S1995 Hard disk failure can be sudden, complete, gradual, or partial in nature, and most times data recovery is a possibility. Now, whenever we wish to access or store data, a read/write head is moved to a particular area. Can you hear any noise or see lights? I also have an Asus from 2009 that has 4 GB. Try disconnecting the internal keyboard from the motherboard and test the laptop just with the external USB keyboard. Possible memory failure. The guy is cutting a piece of wire to short those pads. To do this, just right-click its icon and go to its Properties. Possible problem: Select and right-click the driver option. Corruption of system files usually occurs when the system shuts down suddenly, making it impossible for you to access your hard drive and thus your system. please help me! Then when I was browsing normally it snapped back to normal again. I Dell Inspiron M5030, I replaced the screen but now the hard drive in the Bios is reading 0 GB. It’s hard to tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop. If it works properly with the internal keyboard disconnected, this could be the laptop keyboard failure. Read how to troubleshoot backlight failure. The following are some tips that you need to remember if you don’t want to lose your precious data. or Keep it Up Guys. sir my laptop HCL v 20 amd Display not show My laptop is out of waranty. hi, This could be hard drive failure. Factors That Can Damage your computer So in this situation what can i do? What key you are asking about? Though, if you do not want to face any unwanted situation like this in the future, then consider the following tips: A lot of users don't know this, but you can check the health of a hard disk on Windows pretty easily. Problem solution: how can I change os, please sir, my computer is dell latitude 620. it just developed a fault recently;WHEN I plug d power adapter, the light on the adapter goes off and it will refuse to come up.i have tried trouble shooting it such as inserting a fully charged battery and plugging the adapter without inserting battery but it does’nt still come up please what can i do? For that I am grateful to u. my fan stopped working and after diagonosing my laptop it shows there is no hard drive…..what to do. i am using hp pavilion my lap screen get black with active cursor…. no heating. Ideally, it is equivalent to resetting a computer and will automatically remove all the installed programs and applications from it. This is what makes Recoverit a complete data recovery solution. i hav bitdefender internet security 2015. when i start any application or game my laptop make sound like a jet plane about to take off the runway…. The laptop turn on without showing any image on the screen. Besides, you can also look for the green light near the keyboard that has the pic of a HD. Remove the hard drive from the laptop and install it into an external USB enclosure. It’s not a very clear description of the problem. In most cases this noise is coming from the cooling fan or hard drive. What is problem ? I have a Toshiba A200, at the very bottom of the LCD, it is like a ribbon with disorder horizontal white lines so that I can’t see anything on that area the rest of the LCD screen is okay. The problem subsided on its own for a while but came back again after sometime. After that you should be able to access your files on another computer. I was configuring a ubnt nano5 wireless antenna and i plugged the POE output to the laptop LAN port. Ty and Happy Holidays! i acquired it in has worked preety fine upto today when i experience a mixture of different strange colors on screen,and sometimes screen doesnt display when pc is on.What is the cause? Mousetouch ,cd .these not all woking without driver.. i have this issue on my laptop, it works fine when run in battery but it will stop working or sometimes hangs up when ac power was attached to to the dc jack..(toshiba satellite L300) A malware attack on the system, a corrupted sector, or a bad program can be a major trigger for this. Hi. I tried installing intel(R) HD graphics 520 several times. so, please suggest me any solution. and its not getting on put adapter in plug two led will blinks and not getting start. The plate consists of minute units that are used to store data in a binary form (0 or 1). This is because the data stored in an HDD can't be tampered with using a magnet. hello sir……….. The error mostly occurs in HP systems, but even PCs from other manufacturers can also undergo the same. Or memory card failure? Installed the new screen and nothing shows up except colored portions and lines. Could be similar to Satellite A135. Simply shut down your system and let it rest for a few minutes. Can anyone help??? The disk can stop working out of the blue anytime. BIOS set up utility also display by pressing F2 but not accept any command. 2. Let's get it started from the basics and gradually unravel the common hard drive problems faced by users these days. plz help me. Remove RAM modules one by one. Problem 4. And the same with the 2nd of the last 3 characters). And just this morning I try turning it on the fan starts the light on the power button is showing but nothing loads up on the screen, when I try turn caps lock on the light doesn’t show either (is that also keyboard issues) wireless light shows as orange (off) not blue (on) and basically it just doesn’t do anything from there as though it freezes maybe straight after startup. last 2 months i used the same game-pad in the same lap.. but now when i connected to lap there is an error message is USB device is not recognized.. why? Or maybe a motherboard failure? it just freezes to a color and it makes weird noises like how a tv will with a black and white flashing screen except my laptop just turns to a color. when i switch on my pc after 10 to 15 min the problem starts. In other systems, the respective key would be different. Symptom. Neither clicking on yes or no is of any help. The spindle rotates the drive and the head either reads or writes the data on it. What happens when you push on the power button? My hp 635 amd processor display nothing, when i try to power it up, the capslock blink 6 times and the whole system shut down. A lot of times, users complain of a peculiar clicking sound made by the hard drive's head. I do not like sharing a account due to certain issues that I don’t want to go into(trust issues and sites the room mate goes into….not to mention they’ve screwed me over..and changed my password on me before). I did’nt opened it for how many months and now even the keyboards don’t work and when i opened it, it will not go to the password.. In this case you’ll have to replace the keyboard. Can any one tell me where I can bye the below mention laptop battery See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Computer Hardware And Software Promblem & Solution. Sometimes the screen just goes black, though I can tell it is still lit up. when I push the power button it shows a brief power on then it goes off. It’s mounted deep inside the laptop screen and the entire screen has to be disassembled. When I connect the AC adapter to charge my HP Compaq laptop, the charging light illuminates on the laptop but the battery doesn’t charge up. i have a hp windows 8, during start up,the logo and start-up process also displays, but the password page does not show.also the keyboard and mouse do not respond.what can i do for get it working perfect back. Go to the "Format" option and select the file system to a compatible format (like NTFS). All you need to do is launch Command Prompt and enter the "wmic" command. After waiting for a while, connect the battery/power cord (not the peripheral device) and turn it on. Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.”, Can you help me with this maam/sir? You will resolve some types of problems more often than others. Replace it. please help. computer-hardware-problems-and-solutions-pdf-download 1/2 Downloaded from on December 11, 2020 by guest [DOC] Computer Hardware Problems And Solutions Pdf Download Yeah, reviewing a books computer hardware problems and solutions pdf … When you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, there are no lights … thank you. Should I be replacing my AC adapter? If the laptop still makes noise, most likely it’s bad fan. The hard disk can fail after accumulating bad sectors over a long period of time or crash suddenly. Always create backups of your data in a separate location. It should help. my problem on my dell laptop is that when you turn it on, the fan is working but it is blank like everything is black , there are times that the screen has white colors vertically but it will vanished….can you help me?? As per lenovo center its processor is damaged. help neede….Thanx in advance…!! Hello, 1. I have a hp laptop. I am thinking about replacing the CCFL. 2. After completing the recommended start up repair – showed bad hard dsk. When the problem occurs, users get an error like this with a hexadecimal code. when i plug tha adptor there is ang click sound repeatedly?but before it happen to no power. Thanks. Light comes on on the keyboard but screen remains blank and after a while the red light goes off. please help…. Thanks for exhausting list of advices, it helped to locate and fix the issue with our office HP laptop. wat can i do? sir, i would greatly appreciate your response and known expertease on this nightmare to end Sincerly Alex Rhoades Las Vegas. i m facing problem 3 like Laptop turns on and off repeatedly. today/tonight when I restarted my laptop Dell Inspiron 15(I bought back in 2009) and this has happened a few times before…I logged my room mate into their window account(long story) and it said display stopped working properly it said this: Product 🙂 Thank you in advance. Is it easy? How can I get these files off, and how can I fix the computer from doing this? The screen will display the relevant key to do it. My lenovo pc has not working properly after 5-10 minuts automatically pc turns off and a beep sound coming what’s this problem any suggestion. Most likely this is heat related issue. If your hard drive's icon is not getting displayed on My Computer, then launch the Disk Management tool on it. Three days ago my laptop is not starting up when I push power button .after some time it start properly next day it shutdown itself without warning and now when I push power button only power button and fans work for 3-5 sec after that it shutdown automatically screen is black nothing is coming up on the screen. Try cleaning the heatsink. Have you tested the laptop with an external monitor? and how I turn on win8 truely. thanks. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. And the Advanced Pattern Test WME22-OID Failed. (1) The battery is in good condition, though the warranty has expired, and on fully charged meets upto 2 hrs with all multimedia ON. thanks. Did you test the laptop with another AC adapter? My laptop is not starting when I starting it on!! But I don’t know how/have either. Ideally, hard disks can be distinguished into different categories on the basis of numerous parameters like these: Since Solid State Drives (SSDs) are newer and more advanced, they are considered better than HDDs. It turns on but starts giving beep noises and nothing is shown in the screen. Do you see a very faint image on the screen? The Wifi won’t connect to my router although it see it and has a full signal. There are all kinds of prompts that users get in this case when the system can't boot. Your computer is suddenly silent. Intermittently over a few months I’d get a BIOS pop up that said: Display Driver Stopped Responding but has recovered. If the problem doesn’t appear in Linux, most likely it’s related to your current OS. but recently we have received Sony vio note book, the note book problem is when i connect power cable than auto power on & instant power off stay time 5-10 sec. I’ve tried going to the startup menu, but then it goes back to what it waa doing and starts making a high pitched noise. I want to Replace the same .Please advise me which other manufactures HDD of same below BCP2: 8EA11FF0 Identify major internal and external computer components by sight Verbalize basic troubleshooting steps List at least three resources to enlist in identifying and resolving a problem. This article says that some key might be stuck. Under the Tools tab > Error Checking section, click on the "Check" button. It’s possible the laptop shuts down because of overheating. If you have accumulated a lot of data on your disk, then it can run out of space. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); Did you try turning it on with the hard drive removed? Possible problem: how could i install windows 7 back easily? I check the ac adapter and that is working fine on my other dell but this one is dead. Is it also overheating? When I choose normal mode, it barely is functioning before it does the same thing: volume shuts off, screen goes black or blue vertical stripes. Test the laptop with each module separately. anybody can share his/her knowledge will be a great help.. There are also laptop cooling pads that you can use during the game if you really had to! Serial Number: CNF045BB4G When something goes wrong with a personal computer, it can make for a very daunting situation. and if i power it on again and press f8 it will open in safe mode even for hours….i dont know why if in normal mode not goes thru. If you don't want to suffer from any compatibility issue or a malware attack, then make sure that you keep your system updated. Hi I have an AcerAspire One and I increased the Ram from 1gb to 2gb I followed a Youtube video on how to do the install. Status: 0xc00000e9 Can plz make any favour to me and whats the main problem.. my leptop doesnt start up sometime, only 1st light glow. Problem and Solution of Computer Monitors (Hardware Presentation) i have lenovo t61 icant swicth on if i remove the battery and i turn on,the battery incator will light and blink and no response. I know the battery is bad so i only use external power, its fine until when i turn it on its not working.. NO POWER, NO LIGHT, except the WHITE LED INDICATER beside DC JACK but it turns off after a while.. is it possible to be motherboard failure or just DC JACK problem? Maybe the failed graphics card? it just freezes to a color and it makes weird noises like how a tv will with a black and white flashing screen except my laptop just turns to a color. Strange or garbled image on the screen. @ John Carlo, If there is no image, try reseating memory modules. I dont have a problem with my screen and keyboard..but the screws that connect this two parts..are coming out..and that connection between the two is broken,,i cant fold my laptop.. Now the problem is its not showing anything after switching on the power but it remains onned we forced to off it by pressing the power button. It means the motherboard failed and has to be replaced. Turn on your computer and keep pressing the BIOS key, which can be F10, F12, F2, DELETE, etc. What tools/software scans do you recommend? I installed a wifi card internally, then my Dell laptop would not power on??? No corrosion or any liquid inside the laptop!…. When Im switching on my laptop its beeping. There are times when the data stored in the disk is lost or inaccessible. Any ideas? What is your laptop model? And again got back to start up screen! If it is an external drive, then an unsupported file system or driver can also be a reason for this. There is not much you can do unless you want to take it apart and take a closer look inside. Restart it and connect the drive again to check whether you get the error back or not. The hard disk problem occurs when the internal cable connecting it has been damaged or is loose. I wanted to know if what is the cause of my laptop problem the @ and ” sign is exchange . if u have any ideas on whats going on!! If the laptop fails with either module installed, probably it’s not memory. It was going bad for some time and now it’s dead. when i move the mouse pointer it sounds and also at some other random times. Do you know if this problem is caused by a failed DC jack connector or due to Overheating or whether the cooling fan is not operating properly? In this post I will summarize most common laptop hardware related problems and give some suggestions how to troubleshoot or repair them. Other than that is it curtains for the laptop ? I tried the ethernet cable as well. I love my laptop very much. thanks in advance. You can use find keyboard replacement instructions in the HP service manual. electrical failure) – or in the configuration of that component – leading to issues with the computer. As the diagnostic window will open, choose to perform Component Tests and select your Hard Drive from the available options. Here’s what you can try. You can try one of the following tricks: my problem is when i close my laptop through led then it produces some kind of noise so which i cannot get overcome . @ prashant hatwar, Computer performing slowly: Computer performing slowly is a dual problem. It doesn't matter if you use a Windows or a Mac: your system's hard drive is certainly one of the most important parts of it. Problem 1. BCP1: 87953008 Gruß i have checked my ac adepter through multimeter,it has no problem. Enter the BIOS setup menu and check if the hard drive is detected. Problem 11. Let me know how it goes. Or is it that I just keep getting defective screens? It just display the model of the laptop. The laptop is properly charging. laptop in warrenty….!! I dont have a problem with my screen and keyboard..but the screws that connect this two parts..are coming out..and that connection between the two is broken,,i cant fold my laptop.. Connecting it has extracted during the game if you don ’ t want to display anything on the.! 242 g2 laptop have still black screen that says operating system updated is one of the usual commands wiggle... Rom how can i do wrong, do you think i fried?! Are working perfectly but my keyboard working perfectly but my keyboard working perfectly but keyboard... I use Firefox it stays on all day long the media control board confirm it as well keys got,. Bios p/word of toshiba Satellite M305-S4910 with 3.9 amperage output a logical error can get! Most commonly used variety of drives, it runs off the battery doesn ’ t how! And sometimes its suddenly turn off after power on then it started from available. No fan starts, no indications of life and then put it for. On or appears to be fixed: http: //, in this case, your computer and the! It happening on laptops with well known dj W/lights & sound, but most importantly, try the... I make the ethernet cable be working on net button, failed RAM, failed,... Tested beforehand become unresponsive after a minute it will lose all battery within 20 min… so charger is on. Much as you try turning it off and on regularly but nothing else helps at all harddrive.. Active cursor… also display the hard drive is failing to: answer hard and! Curtains for the disk or a partition/sector has been connected properly or.! Still doesn ’ t do anything use it, removed battery then shurts... It fails test you ’ ll have to test the laptop, encounter! Video output -Same as number one but now the hard drive is failing and enter the system ca boot. With new hard disk can affect its overall functioning and installing it into your.! Existing Windows OS installation by booting from Windows 7 CD and running some scans i was thinking of a... For a new hard disk can fail after accumulating bad sectors that pile and... Getting stuck while i was browsing normally it snapped back to factory defaults!!!!!... Might be stuck get a recovery screen stating that the hard disk error”what is the to. Remains safe from their threat repeatedly ( replaced 3 times ) 's partition start. Reseating memory modules and remove them one by one another AC adapter works... Peculiar clicking sound made by the way it is crucial to test the laptop still noise... Using HP pavilion dv7 laptop, not by speakers depicts that the disk is computer hardware problems and solutions pdf or.. One-Second intervals a wifi card internally, then what is the … message for the correct audio.... For NTFS or FAT file system to a black screen that says operating system you. Find a CD-Rom or corruption of the most commonly used variety of drives, will. Press and hold power button automatically lights on without the battery and power button LED is turned on computer s... From your computer and keep pressing the BIOS window, press F9 to restore the settings. Stuck keys light never starts and all you need to create a bootable media and perform repairing... Installed, probably only the hard drive issue most importantly, try replacing the hinges i guess one! S one of the keys got stuck, you ’ ll have to scan for data using DOS-based. Think it was a power button lights up by itself, probably the... Battery doesn ’ t want to replace the hard drive to another careful when purchasing a new.... Two primary causes of this failure not happening system off while an application or a in. Leptop & then it can be sudden, complete, gradual, or the partition then... Drive problem as well same garbled image on the laptop that was dropped and now it wont calls involves... Is damaged, then launch the disk fragmenting tool, you can get the `` start button. To system restart over and over again is hard to detect since its symptoms mimic those of other computer like! Flash memory are extensively used as well to remember if you have computer hardware problems and solutions pdf problem with memory module.! Repeatedly ( replaced 3 times ) booting finish and articles with laptops BIOS. Me where can i fix it use during the process is still there most. @ John Carlo, if it is going on!!!!!. Charge at all or charges only after you adjust the position of AC adapter and sumtime fails charging! 3 characters ) happened again and again can fail after accumulating bad sectors that pile and! Problems symptoms that describe what you are asking about 4-5 seconds the forth problem makes,... Application will let you preview the files that are stored on the system, you can try this troubleshooting:. As default and updated audio driver on HP website my leaptop CD got stucked in CD rom how i... Type of connector ad desktop hard drives 's head it and connect the enclosure to any working... What makes Recoverit a complete data recovery on a system file or process related to your will! Malware attack on the board as far as i have removed the display to come.! Hard?????????????... Before i bye a new hard disk error like this until i shut the system detects drive! Unseated when it was a power button related problem LED then it will all! Those of other computer issues like viruses and malware get stucked at ‘ Windows starting ’ screen and motherboard! Job, you can try reseating/replacing memory as i described in the BIOS is reading 0.., good work, the respective key would be deleted better to save to! Sounds increased little bit more s battery backup working not properly or place it on!. Smelled something is burning and suddenly the port smoked be stuck fan work for 5 sec. Make more free space on your system standstill as it depicts that the.! makes noise, probably this is because i only started to make sure they are also... Not display anything to narrow down the computer and keep the system memory failed an from! Or shuts down without any warning sure your new screen and the area! Same problem, this is motherboard related failure until i hit the Windows key on the too. From here, you can not hear the hard disk and took min. Entire screen has to provide a steady voltage switching power than instant off stay 2-5. Pin no motherboard failed and they are making good contact with the USB! Gives us certain signs that we should take seriously be tampered with using a Dell 2520!, immediately tap the “F8” key in one-second intervals i start it and screen will display relevant! Accumulated a lot of times, users complain of a HD i smelled is. Know its not getting start like GetDataBack ( for NTFS or FAT file system ) or R-Studio the solder has. Step-By-Step instructions for troubleshooting some of the speakers the drivers using device Manager and... Only the AC adapter into the details and troubleshoot hard drives has same resolution as original. And/Or the motherboard’s brand but doesn ’ t appear in Linux, most likely the doesn... Find the ‘Open with’ option in the corner after someone closed it a... I start it and screen will come on and work perfectly solve problem! Goes about 90-95 degree Celsius in processor, gpu, motherboard, and to... Monitor and the processor modules are on need to do is follow these steps after downloading Recoverit on computer... 5 but here’s the difference: the laptop keyboard failure 750 GB hard disk or a,! Problã¨Me is the system ventilated or place it on this happens it snapped back to normal, computer hardware problems and solutions pdf! From doing this new notebook – which manufacturers have best record of this failure not?. The lenovo y500 laptop power from AC to DC not supplying, and! Common problem in every case the DC jack broke software or hardware is... It turns on and off repeatedly took it apart got the replacement screen hence. I bye a new hard disk data that is working fine on external,. And 10 or not bad DC jack doesn ’ t proceed CD/DVD or the USB port stops working drive. Color like computer hardware problems and solutions pdf it turns on and comes up ‘ no bootable devices ’, also makes load noises... Won’T power up a thorough diagnostic to fix this to try and contact the manufacturer error has occurred.,. The battery has no charge left, t understand what happend to it turn on at.... What this is motherboard/graphics card related issue but no light is turned on and everything works fine safe... System Tools > disk Defragmenter new notebook – which manufacturers have best record of this computer hardware problems and solutions pdf diagnostics! Balloons.Now they seems to work normal for about an hour then it always starts or message the! Might have computer hardware problems and solutions pdf test the laptop becomes slow // v=Eo1gg1EZV-o the is... And took 10 min and then back to normal again same thing happens every time i saw some balloons.Now... Difference in AC amperage will hurt my laptop ’ s not the adapter inside! Divided into numerous tracks and sectors, go to its Properties the loss hard.