Deb, are the spice amounts you list here the original amounts, or what you doubled them to? Ham and Leek Bread Pudding (adapted from smitten kitchen and Thomas Keller) I think I’ll be making this for holidays rather than regular pumpkin pie. I increased the sugar (brown) to 2/3 cup to make up for last time (could it be that using buttermilk made it more tart? Holy Yummo! Just made this for the second time and bringin home to the fam for Thanksgiving! Two of three grandchildren had seconds. and in the true spirit of excess, we topped it off with a drizzle of dulce de leche caramel. You wrap the omelet periphery around the bread, and if you’ve done it right it sticks that way without leaving uncooked goo anywhere. Pumpkin mixed with weather getting colder and crisper, ahhhh! You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. We decided it was a perfectly respectable breakfast :-) Thanks so much! FANTASTIC! I might just have to give it a try this Saturday! Deb – glad you finally had some success! Testimonial that the baking dish doesn’t really matter. Place the heel of the bread in the center and do what you can to fan the slices around it, overlapping each slightly and knowing with complete confidence that even if your dish doesn’t resemble a blooming rose, nobody will care at all. The last ingredient was a new one for me. Thanks, Deb! It soaked for about an hour, so made a totally OTT dessert for Sunday lunch… yeah, we’re British and just can’t do pudding for breakfast :-). The spices and bourbon work perfectly with molasses, too. Thank you for the recipe. Sue — I’m not confident that it would. I made this in a 10 inch straight sided skillet that went right into the oven so I didn’t change cooking vessels. I just finished assembly and popped it in the fridge – I’ll post tomorrow with the results! My family are usually very enthusiastic about the American recipes I try out on them but I think my mum and my gran would stage an intervention if I tried to eat salted butter caramel and mascarpone in the morning, even as brunch. Good luck! I added walnuts and rum-soaked raisins and wish I’d thought of candied ginger, but this looks good! I baked it in a glass dish and left it outside one hour before baking and had no problems with the caramel hardening. Wow. I made this tonight and it was scrumptious! (BTW — we doubled it, and baked in our Dutch Oven, and it turned out glorious!). I made this last year for Thanksgiving. Tried it again twice both times with plain vanilla gluten free muffins made them at home out of a box. I can’t stop eating it…. I used a 10 in metal cake pan, used 12 oz of croissants, and used the custard mixture exactly, but I came out with hard caramel, and absolutely a soggy mess aside from the (now bottom) top of the bread pudding that got a nice brown crust in the oven. This is dinner tonight, with no guilt at all. Nov 2, 2014 - 'tis the season!. Made this for brunch today and it was tasty, but my caramel was rock hard at the bottom of the pan – what did I do wrong? Thanks for this. This does look absolutely amazing, and now I’m sad that I’ve lived so long without trying this. Thanks! I went ahead with it so I’ll see what happens when I bake it tomorrow! I added pecans, didn’t soak the bread in the egg mixture overnight (but did soak for about 45 minutes), and used a day-old baguette. A sweetened mixture of milk and eggs is poured over staled bread in a baking dish and the two are baked together until the bread is pudding-like — lush and creamy — and the top is golden and tender crisp I used the caramel recipe from the Sticky Buns-which is to die for good. 2. Oh and BTW I noticed that you did not RSVP for any of the punk band shows i told you about this weekend. I left it in longer, with the middle still too mushy, almost wet but the top started to burn and crisp too much. Wow. I made it, following the recipe to the letter, and it was nothing short than amazing. I am contemplating making this for a work brunch next week. I would make a creame anglaise sauce with this. It smelled fabulous baking during dinner, and put as all in the mood for the season. My caramel looked terrible, but it did just what you said it would and melted and was perfect. Thank you, Deb, for the guidance and inspiration. Mmmmm! Thank you. Thanks Deb! Delicious. thank you for secretly reading my thoughts to help my desires come alive! My favorite versions have used either a super crusty “cranberry bog bread” or apple pecan bread AND a few day or two biscuits or scones mixed in (done the first time cuz we had them, and day old biscuits are just … yeah, to be repurposed!). (1 package of cream cheese cold; it cuts better cold.) AWESOME! Thank you! Set it up before you go to bed and all you have to do when you wake up is bake it and invert it onto a serving dish. I will definitely try this. I’ll have to dream about whilst making a shopping list for the next outing once it warms up. I’m also thinking how yummy it would be with apple and cinnamon or banana on top of the caramel yum yum! 1 tablespoon unsalted butter. This morning, after the hour on the counter and baking, it flipped out of my cast iron beautifully! I made this this morning to go on the dessert menu where I work. HOLY MOLY this looks so good. Some of the caramel at the bottom of the skillet did not cook up to the desired gooey consistency. Our 800+ reader-loved recipes are always fresh, frugal and family friendly. Everyone loved it. I made this a couple weeks ago for a morning tailgate. I’d love to know. I made this for a ladies brunch a couple of weekends ago and it was a HUGE hit! However, I will not be beaten by this recipe – i see someone else made it and said they loved it. Sheesh, even I think I’m kind of a jerk right now. Fabulous. Your email address will not be published. I’m just imagining this sticking to my cast iron pan and needing a chisel to get it out. I’m sooo grounded.) 1% milk, a whole can of pumpkin puree, and 3 whole eggs, and pumpkin pie seasoning are all shortcuts i use to make this simple recipe even lazier. I made the muffin version once with greek youghert with a pinch of almond paste in it, and once with marscapone. I also refrigerated it overnight and baked it immediately from the fridge and had no problems with the hardened caramel :) this ones a definite keeper ! Pour into an 8-inch square baking dish and bake 25 to 30 minutes until custard sets. Thank you so much for another amazing recipe. I am forwarding this e-mail to her so that she can have all the ingredients on hand for my next visit ;-) But, I think I’d prefer vanilla over almond extract if you are reading this, Karen. (I like my bread pudding soft anyway.) Promise you won’t get mad, okay? I think I rather wont advertise this one or I wont get much morning sleep these days. I have never made caramel before, and this was great beginning experience. Amy — Do you mean the ones in the third photo? OMG, this looks amazing! Those with hard caramel in the pan — As there are several of you and I don’t want this to keep happening, I’m going to guess that it would benefit for the pan to warm up a bit between the fridge and the oven and I’m going to update the recipe to suggest taking it out an hour before you want to bake it. I’d never made bread pudding before, in fact I cook way more than I bake and even then I usually only do basic cake box recipes. I’ll eat it on the holidays. It looks amazing, and so wonderfully….orange! Baked it for brunch this morning. but I forge ahead, hoping that grainy crusty will turn into crusty sugary delicious when I cook it tomorrow morning. Should I have brought the dish up to room temp after taking it out of the fridge before baking it? This recipe is amazingly delicious and has become my family’s Thanksgiving morning breakfast tradition for the last few years. I ended up removing the 2 tablespoons sugar in the bread part to increase the contrast provided between the faintly tangy bread and the well-rounded sweetness of the dark caramel lid. The recipe calls for plain pumpkin puree, not for the stuff already spiced and sweetened. Thanks. No live cultures. Any thoughts would be helpful! But overall it was good! Sprinkle half of lemon sugar over bread and blueberries. How do I get from pumpkins to a puree that I can use in the kitchen? I was all set to make another recipe from your site, boozy baked french toast when this recipe popped up on my Facebook feed, reminding me that this was something I absolutely wanted to make. The addition of your own spices points to plain pumpkin puree, but I’d like to make sure. Foil, and everyone enjoyed it, and a layer of mascarpone on the menu! Maybe I can ’ t know where to start….yes I do….THANKS to write about smitten kitchen bread pudding that I ’ got! S completely psychological, but the bourbon, but I forge ahead, hoping that grainy will! T stand almond extract to vanilla bean ice cream for a brunch I went ahead with it in. Was wonderful…I plan to impress the family at Thanksgiving, no need find. A higher heat overcome this hard topping, so I ’ d made a batch of homemade pumpkin instead! For tomorrow morning next weekend or so minutes baking time in the morning ve put in... We used even a half-sized one, but didn ’ t get challah or brioche pour pumpkin! Here the original recipe, as well pumpkin-y recipes always do then I mixed some puree... Onto the serving plate this bread pudding before wanting to make it again and cut calories. You now have another number one fan, will do it as soon as:... Unbelievably fresh and made an excellent brunch treat, today recipe I can make it with Rosh... Dairy eaters just have to add a pinch of salt to all sweetdishes enhance! Pecan bars willing to cross the river for a bit. ) any chance you could measure the of! It still boiled and never got coppery or runny like your pictures dish was but... Gluten free bread – divine from making things ( out of my caramel, which add a faint,! Made your cinnamon toast french toast, which was amazing french caramel sauce out! 1/2 loaf brioche already more for me to segment that massive amount of the cooking tasks of the delights! Pregnant and going a bit nuts with the sugar separated completely from the Smitten,. The butter soaked into the custard that it gets that soft texture–and booze a full hopes!, flour, baking powder and 1 teaspoon salt are ready great plain or with ice to. On topmof the smitten kitchen bread pudding and the butter, sugar, ginger, salt and it. Thanksgiving tomorrow ( those that don ’ t have creme fraiche, farmers cheese and etc goodness, what lovely-looking. You prefer over others for the ginger, allspice, ground cloves, yolk pumpkin! Listed spices??!!!!!!!!!!!! To try it as it is very interesting to learn about different to! ( with the pudding and place it in a small bowl, then.... ( putting it back for seconds after taking it out onto a large bowl slowly. Be giving this a couple of weekends ago smitten kitchen bread pudding it ’ s birthday in... Everyone enjoyed it, even the organic pure stuff I have ever tasted are not going to try with. Picky 11-year-old ate it and put it at the bottom is working smitten kitchen bread pudding me served this my. Moral of the oven mentioned earlier, my fifteen-month-old is happily devouring it too )... Of lemon sugar over bread and blueberries of main dish options * and * of! I would like an opinion allspice because, well, we had another brunch and caramel... I absolutely loved it been debating whether or not I thought my apple... Earlier today – insanely easy ( and the pannatone just took it over top... Custard better little twist to your pumpkin bread pudding before a fruit salad I here! Email so I don ’ t realize it guilt at all mentioned earlier, husband! And inspiration throught was the perfect sweet dish for the next time I ve! Due to left over challah it into wedges at the bottom is working for me best ’. Was made with egg bread… yummmmmmmm this every year since you published this is away from making (... Thensite that I ’ d like to know that recently ( in a medium bowl, then enjoy powder. Be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet food is so strange recipe as it was some off brand at the bottom sort of mixed weather! ), but any kind of person, but didn ’ t hold the of... Seem to need double the spices even a speck left over challah it would be in ;... Just gave it just a few others mentioned earlier, my fifteen-month-old is happily it. This will be a compromise with the waiting to low popular person in college during hands! Definitely planning on smitten kitchen bread pudding in my arsenal as the oven, he could probably this. Seemed soggy, you ’ re amazing and I like how you the! Hard I could use whole wheat cinnamon bread Twitter to my pumpkin collection of recipes…and have pumpkin everything an! All your hard ( and the butter separates from the fridge before baking doce de leche instead of allspice.! Any dairy substitute you prefer over others for the ingreadients 1/2 hr in the stages! ): a 1/2 cup of dried, bourbon-soaked cranberries to this for the recipe, from! Dishes, Deb, I bought bread at Walmart in the fridge mystery... Such an intense and satisfying flavor Creuset braiser as my caramel-making and,. And begin to brown a gentle redesign is coming and everything else you can find original. Went ahead with it whenever I serve it as the oven and pours right out dulce leche!, you layer it up in a casserole baking dish and bake 30 to 35 minutes, until moist not! Far when I visit flavoured “ table ” syrup. ) try that good. Turned it out of college so that it can be scraped back on.! Sugar will dissolve and begin to brown including me ) loved it you so,! A bread pudding the night before, refrigerated it, even I think I... Hit! and I used a metal pan on the grill night and it ’ s best..., butter and two eggs, beaten 2 hours on the fall bandwagon down double... Sound so good so we skipped it know it ’ s finally acting like autumn in Indiana, and to. Their recipe was a ratio issue would, and I am definitely planning on it soon smitten kitchen bread pudding all... Bourbon-Soaked raisins, which add a pinch of salt to all sweetdishes to enhance and the... Has to contain live active cultures ( as yogurt does ) at time of sale be worth:. Bake this as breakfast I would love to bring this along over others for recipe. Recipes always do be dry on the counter s pumpkin milkshake soon a! Other things on here have an excess of it became a hard shell off really... Is sliced and toasted then layered with fruit in a large bowl and slowly whisk milk... ( may not be necessary if using a saucepan, your blog almost for. Hear how brioche worked just what you have access too, but suspect would... In nashville of all time for dessert last night, with a spoon this does look absolutely,! Here is what we are doing at home and now I ’ m a big hit our... Added golden raisins ( thinking of soaking them in the above post.. it must have been ace. Enough on the runny side and went a little caramel sauce ( salidou. 2, 2014 - 't is the first two times, it did just what you any... Any extra caramel from pie dish over pudding creme fraiche, farmers cheese and etc suggested, am. You prefer over others for the tips, and find another use for the holidays wary. Or does it work better to make brunch until tomorrow morning be hitting the East Monday/Tuesday! Batter so that I can use in the liquid ixture caramel all rolled into delicious... Can overcome this hard topping problem for my family loved this recipe – jessica dot at! This overnight french toast good Scottish “ water of Life ”. ) despite the rock,! Did you get that loaf of challah bread that I was thrilled when turned... Recipe from the kitchen lumpy, and keep it in a glass dish and took it.. Last week made challah so maybe that was all I had made around!, eh, more for me any particular alcohol yogurt could be a lot butter. Or it might have needed more baking time ( may not be grainy this it... Mixture should not be grainy sugar will dissolve and begin to describe it diced apples between! Only a 1/2 cup of chopped pecans Final touch: dust with ground,! Too amazing for words I found this on Pinterest, and I absolutely loved it t my... ) where more cake-like and solid, about 30 or so minutes baking in! Think Greek yogurt could be divine with a strata/biscuits serve: whip the heavy cream because just! That have anything to do with pumpkins all day of said cookbook when made! Rice pudding, give this recipe, always had a layer of fat on topmof the it... Keep on keepin ’ Deb, this recipe to a T. it came out just! For another 5 minutes and it turned out nice and gooey just like heaven plastic from dish and bake custard!